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  • We offer a range of warranty options, giving you a choice of cover to suit all applications and budgets.

    Standard warranty

    CIAT’s Standard Warranty is 12 months. If you wish to opt for an Extended Warranty, this must be activated within 30 days of the plant and equipment being commissioned on site.

    Extended warranties

    2 and 3 Year Enhanced Warranties are available. They include commissioning and ongoing maintenance on site by our expert technicians and engineers.

    A 5 Year Comprehensive Warranty includes commissioning and maintenance by CIAT, plus remote monitoring of plant to provide rapid identification of any performance or operational issues, and diagnosis of faults for quick response and repair. This option is only available on selected sites.

    Remote monitoring

    This is carried out using the advanced capabilities of CIAT’s M2M controller. Our comprehensive service constantly monitors and improves the performance of your equipment, optimises its use and provides you with technical support from our experts in real time.


    For more details, contact:

    Tel: 01372 220 151

    Email: info@ciat.co.uk


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