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  • High quality commissioning and plant start-up

    Our factory-trained engineers provide expert commissioning to ensure your plant operates correctly from day one, and delivers the performance and efficiency anticipated at the design stage.

    This covers the critical area of controls, ensuring plant dovetails with other HVAC and building systems, to provide the best possible performance and conditions within the building.

    CIAT engineers are constantly updated and refreshed on the latest technological innovations in equipment, and have access to detailed current service and operational data. Therefore, you can be confident that your equipment will run efficiently and reliably and deliver the performance expected.

    Enhanced warranty

    Enhanced warranty cover is available when CIAT engineers carry out commissioning and follow-up service and maintenance on plant. We also offer seasonal start-up service for all types of building services equipment, regardless of manufacturer.

    Commissioning services offered for CIAT equipment includes:

    • Start-up of original plant following installation;
    • Re-commissioning of HVAC plant following seasonal shutdown or modification to the building services and/or control systems
    • Training in equipment use and control for end users and building managers
    • Equipment manuals


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