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  • If your site has restricted access, Ciat Ozonair’s AHU flat-pack service can overcome space and access constraints to provide you with a full specification installation.

    Ciat Ozonair can arrange for delivery and offloading followed by flat-pack build on site by our experienced engineers. Or, alternatively, we can assemble units delivered and placed in situ by another contractor.

    The flat-pack approach helps minimise disruption on site and maintains full use of the building and its immediate environment during installation.

    The benefits of flat-pack approach

    • Flat pack installation of air handling units and other Ciat Ozonair products has a number of benefits:
    • Enables installation in very restricted areas, with limited access;
    • Can eliminate the need for modifications to building fabric, and reduce costs of builders;
    • Overcomes the need in many cases for crane hire and potential road closures;
    • Minimises disruption on site and retains use of the building and surroundings.


    For more details, contact:

    Tel: 01372 220 151

    Email: info@ciat.co.uk


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