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    The VCompact NE heat pumps and cooling unit are compacts air to air units, monobloc of vertical compact construction, designed to be installed indoors, safe from external damages, with access registers to fans, cooling circuit and electrical panel by means of easily removable

    panels. These units are suitable for commercial and industrial applications where the availability of space allows its installation. They offer the advantage of its vertical construction, and options which include elements of air renovation in only one unit. All of the units are tested and checked in factory.


    Available in 16 models and 2 cooling-only or reversible versions, several blowing positions.

    Range of Use:

    Heating capacity: 12 to 75 kW

    Cooling capacity: 12 to 73 kW

    Air flow rates: 2,500 to 14,000 m³/h


    The self-contained packaged air conditioner heats and cools businesses and industrial facilities. Designed for indoor installation. Ductable inside and out.

    • Slim vertical unit
    • Galvanised steel casing, polyester paint, free-standing frame
    • Centrifugal fan-motor assemblies
    • R407C refrigerant, one or two circuits, one or two piston or scroll compressors
    • Washable filter
    • Condensate drain pan with corrosion-resistant coating
    • GESCLIMA or GESCLIMA + control
    • Auxiliary electric heater or hot water
    • Air flow control
    • Reinforced sound insulation
    • Filter clogging detection
    • Supply fan with soft start function (application: fabric ductwork)
    • Electrical cabinet
    • Electrical equipment protected by standard circuit breakers.
    • Return air temperature sensor kit (AVANT & AVANT PLUS)
    • Carel RS485/Modbus protocol serial communication board
    • Carel’s Pl@ntvisor central control system
    • RS485/RS232 input
    • Maintenance control display
    • Summer: condensing pressure controlled by a damper box on the outdoor air circuit.
    • Anti-vibration mounts.
    • Pre-coated aluminium fins on indoor and outdoor coils
    • Indoor and outdoor coils protected by Blygold coating


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