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Perfect integration, the cassettes adapt to aesthetic, financial and material constraints.


  • 6 models available
  • 2 models, 600×600 and 900×900
  • 2 pipe, 2 pipe-2 wires and 4 pipe applications
  • 4 way directional diffusers
  • Low pressure loss filter

Range of Use:

Heating capacity : 1.3 to 14.6 kW

Cooling capacity : 1.3 to 11.6 kW


Comfort unit to be integrated into a suspended ceiling, active on water loop

Designed for use in offices, retail facilities, meeting rooms, hotel lobbies, exhibition rooms, etc.

Easy to install, simple and economical.

  • Fits perfectly within the suspended ceiling tile dimensions.
  • White color.
  • The manual deflectors are adjustable (2 positions) allowing homogeneous air distribution throughout the room.
  • Galvanized sheet metal.
  • Copper tubes, aluminum fins.
  • Air vent and partial drain.
  • Nominal pressure: 14bar.
  • Minimum water inlet temperature : 5 °C.
  • Maximum water outlet temperature : 70 °C in 2 pipe and
  • 80 °C in 4 pipes.


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