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    • Energy label class A++
    • Wireless remote control (supplied as standard)
    • Refrigerant R32


    • 1 reversible models available (Mambo light)
    • 5 reversible models available (Mambo)


    Range of use:

    Heating capacity : 4.1 to 18 kW
    Cooling capacity : 3.5 to 15.4 kW


    Available in two casings, console and under ceiling, Mambo can be installed either on the floor or under a ceiling. The compact and sheer design of the console ensures a perfect integration in residential or tertiary environment. The Under Ceiling console allows for flexible installation (either on walls or under ceiling) and for easy maintenance thanks to the direct access to all internal components.

    The 3D airflow perfectly meets all installation requirements. And for sensitive environments, indoor air quality can be further increased with a fresh air inlet easily plugged in.


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