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    • Hermetic scroll tandem compressors
    • Outdoor plug-fan with EC HEE motor
    • Ships in two modules for compact or separated installation
    • Service valves with refrigerant pre-charge for compact installation
    • Supply EC plug-fans for high seasonal efficiency and smooth operation
    • Ecodesign compliant Lot 21
    • A number of options is available to meet the installation needs



    ISPK range are air to air compact units with vertical construction for indoor use only.

    Available in reversible heat pump version.

    Range of use:

    Cooling capacity : 19,1 to 114,9 kW
    Heating capacity : 19,3 to 119,9 kW


    These units are equipped with hermetic scroll compressors and tandem confi guration, as well as pluf-fan EC for indoor and outdoor circuits (optionally centrifugal fan with belts and pulleys for indoor module).
    This allows to get a high seasonal performance.
    The units are supplied in 2 modules, outdoor module and indoor module for building work installation as compact version or split version, according to the choice.
    A vast number of options meet numerous operating demands.
    All of the units are tested and checked in the factory.



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