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    • R134arefrigerant
    • Compact equipment with a small footprint for installation indoors
    • Frame made of RAL 7024 painted sheet metal panelling
    • 1 or 2 independent refrigerating circuits
    • 2 Stages centrifugal compressors
    • Magnetic levitation bearings
    • No oil
    • Shell and tube type evaporator equipped with a water flow controller
    • Shell and tube water-cooled condenser
    • Electrical cabinet equipped with remote control transformer and safety switch
    • Control module with Connect Touch microprocessor and a large range of auto adaptive functions
    • Interface with intuitive multilingual 5’’colour touchscreen.
    • Web server (IP)for remote access to the interface screen and fault warning emails
    • Technical documentation integrated into the controller
    • Communication with the CMS via the MODBUS/JBUS protocol as standard (LON and Bacnet optional)


    15 models (1800X to 4800X HPS)

    Two acoustic versions available: Standard – Low Noise

    Range of Use:

    Cooling capacity from 550 to 1600 kW
    Heating capacity from 1 650 to 1875 kW


    The latest generation of HYDROCIATTURBO LWT water chillers and water-to-water heat pumps are the perfect solution for all heating and cooling applications in the Office, Healthcare, Industry, Administration, Shopping centers, data centers and Collective Housing markets.

    Reduced energy consumption > High performance and efficiency

    • “CLASS A”EUROVENT energy classification for all models
    • High seasonal energy efficiency rating (ESEER)

    Reduced nuisance noise > Low sound levels

    • Two acoustic performance levels (Standard and Low Noise) ensuring all sound level constraints can be met

    Multi-solution > One solution for all heating and cooling applications

    • Drainage adapted to the various types of cooling tower or drycooler installations
    • Heat pump operation optional

    HYDROCIATTURBO LWT  meets all the needs of industry and the service sector

    • Increased chilled water output temperature range, from +20°Cdown to +3.3°C
    • Hot water output temperature range from +20°C to +50°C

    Reduced installation surface area > Devices are compact

    • The HYDROCIATTURBOLWT  has compact dimensions. The footprint and the overall volume of the device have been optimised to enable them to be easily integrated into any machine room

    Quick, easy maintenance > Excellent accessibility

    • Quick access to all refrigeration and electrical components to facilitate maintenance operations

    Quick installation > Easy connections

      • The ease of installation of the HYDROCIATTURBOLWT really sets it apart
      • The surface area required is limited to the dimensions of the appliance
      • Simple three-phase 400V wiring, with no neutral, thanks to the control transformer included


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