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    • Chilled water model (CW) – 7 sizes
    • Direct-expansion air-cooled model – 11 sizes
    • Up flow (‘over’) or Down flow (‘under’)


    Precision air handling cabinet particularly suited to air treatment requirements (filtration, temperature and hygrometry control) in computer and telecommunications facilities and rooms for special use (electronics, metrology, sensitive storage, medical, controlled atmosphere rooms). Dual-wall construction. Fan controlled by a variable frequency drive to ensure flow/pressure balance on site. The unit is quickly and easily installed and particularly easy to use.

    • Packaged unit (CW) or split-system unit (DXA)
    • Double-skin panels lined with compressed glass wool, exterior with RAL 7035 painted finish
    • G4 filter as standard. F7 filter or G4+F7 combined filter optional.
    • Chilled-water coil fitted with two-way or three-way valve (CW)
    • Direct-expansion cooling coil, one or two refrigerant circuits, one or two scroll compressors, R410A refrigerant, with CL air-cooled condenser with condensing pressure controlled by the fan speed
    • One to three direct-drive centrifugal fans, variable frequency drive
    • Heating provided by hot-water coil or electric heater,
    • Steam humidifier (1 to 8 kg/h)
    • Complete electrical cabinet can be fitted with or without a CIAT µAIRCONNECT or Carel electronic controller.
    • Condensate pump optional
    • Continuously monitors the air flow and filter blockage level


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