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    The EREBA air-to-water heat pump is designed for heating and cooling applications in new, existing individual homes and small businesses models. When installed alone, EREBA is compatible with low to medium temperature emitters (underfloor heating, fan coil units, water cassettes, radiators, mixed installations, etc.). EREBA is also compatible with medium to high temperature emitters for boiler backup operation. The EREBA heat pump is installed outside in an open area, ideally as close as possible to the boiler room. Each device is tested in the factory and delivered ready for operation.


    7 models available

    Range of use:

    Heating capacity : 4 to 15 kW

    Cooling capacity : 5 to 16 kW


    Packed reversible air/water heat pump with technology Inverter for heating and cooling individual homes or small service sector premises. EREBA can be installed in individual new build housing connected to low temperature emitters (underfloor heating and cooling systems, fan coil type terminal units) or as boiler backup in existing homes.

    • Reversible packaged air/water heat pump
    • DC Inverter technology
    • Hydraulic module with variable speed accelerator pump and expansion vessel
    • Crankcase heater as standard,
    • Self-adjusting functions
    • R410A refrigerant


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