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    • Reversible packaged Air/Water heat pump
    • Full Inverter Technology with large operating run
    • Hydraulic module with variable speed accelerator pump and expansion vessel
    • Control on ‘ Water ‘ or ‘  Inside Air’
    • Management backup heater in several stages
    • Master / slave operation
    • Management Sanitary Hot water with anti-legionella function
    • Noise reduction without ‘ Night Mode ‘ function


    6 models available

    Range of use:

    Cooling capacity : 4 to 17 kW
    Heating capacity : 5 to 15 kW


    Packed reversible Air / Water heat pump with inverter technology for heating and cooling  individual Houses or small sector premises. EREBA He can be installed in individual new Houses connected to low temperature emitters ( underfloor heating & cooling systems ; hydronic terminal as fan coil ) or as  boiler backup in existing Houses.

    > Advantages

    • Complete and intuitive control for new and existing housing
    • Integrated hydraulic module for easy installation
    • Extensive operating range to answer heating and DHW needs all year round



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