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    CZ range are direct expansion indoor units with horizontal construction for duct installation.

    Operating range:
    Cooling capacity from 20 to 135 kW
    Heating capacity from 20 to 145 kW

    Indoor units with horizontal construction designed for installation indoors, connected to duct network.

    They are equipped with centrifugal fan (EC plug-fan also available as option in models 90 to 360), and expansion valve.

    Two versions available:
    • RCZ series: non reversible units.
    • ICZ series: reversible units

    Possibilty of customizing the unit with a wide portfolio of options.

    All of the units are tested in the factory.

    The range is designed for R-410A refrigerant and for on-site installation in combination with a condensing unit of identical capacity.


    • Casing made of galvanised steel metal with polyester paint
    • Centrifugal fan(s) coupling by pulleys and belts transmission
    • Thermostatic expansion valve(s) (check valve in ICZ series)
    • Option Service valves kit with refrigerant pre-charge
    • Supply EC plug-fans for high seasonal efficiency and low noise level operation
    • Free-cooling available with different configurations of fresh and extraction air
    • Reduced height for false ceiling installation
    • Auxiliary electrical panel included
    • Smoke detector possible as an option
    • Different additional heating options : hot water coils and electrical heaters
    • Filtration G4 or F6+ G4 as an option
    • Droplet eliminator as an option
    • Softstarter as an option for textile ducts applications
    • Refrigerant filter detector as an option
    • Completely adaptable /configurable
    • Reduced sound level
    • Available duct pressure up to 400 Pa
    • Reduced weight for false ceiling installation
    • Two filtration options
    • Security options available : smoke detector and refrigerant leak detector
    • Low energy consumption due to EC fan motor technology
    • Easy access to the stainless steel drain pan for cleaning
    • Easy filter maintenance


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