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    Air handling unit designed to meet a range of air handing requirements (mixing, filtration, heating, cooling, dehumidification, humidification, ventilation, recovery and sound attenuation) in commercial, industrial and healthcare applications. Available as a horizontal unit for indoor installation or outdoor installation with canopy and protective accessories. The range is available in a single or dual flow version.


    Air flow rates of 1.000 to 30.000 m³/h


    Industry, buildings and process.  Offices and public premises.  Business and mass marketing.  Catering and hotels.

    • Now available with integrated UV-C technology
    • Excellent quality/price ratio thanks to standardised and automated series production and optimised on-site installation prepared in the factory.
    • Easy commissioning with ready to use built-in control.
    • Optimal air quality and comfort thanks to the filtration solutions, exchangers and fans available
    • Economical, high performance thanks to the components used
    • Durable and easy to maintain, thanks to adjustable fittings on doors for filters, coils, droplet separator, fan motor assemblies
    • Sanitary safety thanks to the sloped condensate drain pan without water retention and filter control with pressure tappings on each stage installed in the factory.
    • Adaptable thanks to a fully modular system for better space management
    • EUROVENT certification, ISO 9001 manufacture, in accordance with EN 1886 and EN 13053 standards
    • Double-skin casing with 50 mm long-fibre mineral wool insulation, peripheral frame ensures hygienic ventilation, external panels coated finish, smooth internal walls without protruding screws as required by EN 13053
    • Several paint options or grades of stainless steel available for exterior and interior.
    • Inward-opening doors placed downstream of fan, double-groove doors lined with EPDM gaskets, offset hinges, handles with latches made from composite materials
    • Doors with metal fittings equipped with handles, slow closing on the exterior, completely smooth on the interior.
    • G2 to H14 efficiency filters and activated carbon molecular filtration solution with several technology options: compact, rigid dihedral, flexible bag.
    • International standard size cells for easy maintenance or specific dimensions for energy optimisation.
    • Different types of filter assemblies are available: traditional tracks, compressible tracks or universal frame or large-media frames with pressure tappings on each filtration stage, class F9 in accordance with EN 13053
    • Sloped condensate drain pan without water retention and specific hygiene solutions. Electric heater with sheathed elements and double electrical insulation with automatic and manual safety thermostat.
    • Solution with plug fan with synchronous or EC motor and fan with low- and medium-pressure volute.
    • Damper, single air intake, 2-way mixing, 3-way economiser, sound attenuator Steam or adiabatic humidifiers.
    • Control unit assembled and tested in the factory.


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