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    Pre-conditioned air: PCA
    First Heat Pump PCA system with outstanding 60% energy savings vs traditional Electric heaters PCA ranges

    CIAT Airports department supports customers from specification project phase, giving advice at conception design, analysing the specific needs, providing customized solutions, tailor-made conceived project by project. If any customer needs advice, please, forward your query to the person in charge, Manuel Defrías, Airports Market Manager (manuel.defrias@ciat.utc.com):

    Description :

    Ature® inverter is the most versatile and reliable PCA range in the market.It fits any requirements in the airport from new avant-garde designs to renovation projects.



      • 100% fresh air down to -2ºC. Ature® Inverter provides the cabin with the right supply of conditioned air to assure passenger comfort under any condition
      • Heat pump PCA: The heating mode using renewable energy system based on reversible heat pump
      • Suitable for Cat C to Cat F: Ature® inverter ensures the optimal airflow and pressure whilst reducing the electrical consumption whatever the connected aircraft
      • Saves fuel and emissions: compared not only to polluting APUs but also to alternative PCA solutions
      • Ease of installation
      • Ease of operation
      • Ease of maintenance


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