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    Pre-conditioned air: PCA. The water solution
    Zero-refrigerant-PCA range for centralized chilled/warm waterloop-systems.
    CIAT Airports department supports customers from specification project phase, giving advice at conception design, analysing the specific needs, providing customized solutions, tailor-made conceived project by project. If any customer needs advice, please, forward your query to the person in charge, Manuel Defrías, Airports Market Manager (manuel.defrias@ciat.utc.com):

    Description :

    Ature® Aquam takes all the  advantage from a glycol water distric cooling plant to  provide the passengers with the comfort they expect at the lowest cost of ownership and operation with the besst efficiency and the smallest carbon footprint in your project.



      • 100% fresh air down to -2ºC. Ature® Inverter provides the cabin with the right supply of conditioned air to assure passenger comfort under any condition
      • Heat pump PCA: The heating mode using renewable energy system based on reversible heat pump
      • Suitable for Cat C to Cat F: Ature® inverter ensures the optimal airflow and pressure whilst reducing the electrical consumption whatever the connected aircraft
      • Saves fuel and emissions: compared not only to polluting APUs but also to alternative PCA solutions
      • Ease of installation
      • Ease of operation
      • Ease of maintenance


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