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    Aquair BCP Series are dehumidifi cation units by cooling circuit, with total recuperation of the heat of condensation, especially designed for covered pools and other dehumidifi cation applications. These units have been designed for indoor installations; optionally for outdoor installations.

    onsult specific applications (marine atmospheres, high concentrations of salts or chemical agents, high temperatures, etc.)


    7 models available

    Range of Use:

    Water removal capacity: 22 to 74 kg/h


    Packaged AHU dehumidifies damp air in indoor swimming pool areas. May also be used for to dehumidify the air in other indoor spaces. It also heats the air and  water swimming pool as support. Designed for installation in the space to be air conditioned (outdoor installation optional).

    • Packaged unit
    • Casing constructed of galvanised steel sandwich panels coated on the inside and outside with polyester paint, with glass fibre insulation of 25 mm
    • Free-standing frame, hinged doors
    • One air circuit
    • Two or three refrigerant circuits, two or three compressors, R-407C refrigerant
    • G3 regenerative filter
    • Direct expansion coil and air-cooled condenser with protective polyurethane coating
    • Brazed-plate water-cooled condenser for swimming pool water
    • Sloped stainless steel pan
    • Centrifugal fan
    • Complete electrical cabinet
    • Gesclima PRO Control by microprocessor composed by main board (CPU) and user terminal (PGD) with many functions (dehumidification , settings control, failure analysis and alarms, programmable operating times…)
    • Free cooling mixing box as option.
    • Remote condenser as option for mid seasons.
    • A wide range of options


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