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    Outdoor ductable condensation units with available pressure designed for indoor installation, for example in mechanical rooms or at the back of shops.

    Horizontal or vertical ductable indoor units which can be installed in suspended ceilings or mechanical rooms.


    • SP-CK range with 12 models available:
    • AIRDUO NEXIA RSP-RCK: cooling only version
    • AIRDUO NEXIA ISP-ICK: heat pump version
    • SP-CP range with 10 models available:
    • AIRDUO NEXIA RSP-RCP: cooling only version
    • AIRDUO NEXIA ISP-ICP: heat pump version

    Range of Use:

    Cooling Capacity: 19 to 116 kW

    Heating Capacity: 21 to 116 kW


    AIR-TO-AIR SPLIT SYSTEM units designed for the air conditioning and heating of small premises (town centre stores and high street shops, shopping centre shops, service stations, etc.) and open air shopping centres.

    • R410A refrigerant
    • 1 or 2 independent refrigerant circuits
    • 1 or 2 SCROLL compressors
    • High efficiency Air-cooled condenser with U-shaped coils up to model 320, and V-shaped coils for models 360 to 600
    • Mixing box for fresh and return air, free cooling management and/or active recovery (range SK-CP) incorporated: High quality indoor air filtration.
    • Efficient AVANT controller :

    -Control perfectly suited to your needs with the option for communication with a BMS via a RS 485 output (several communication protocols)

    -Plant Visor PRO 2 supervision software.


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