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  • Radisson Blu Hotel at London Stansted Airport Gets Top-flight Air Conditioning Upgrade

    The 500-bed hotel features a Wine Tower in its central atrium bar, now benefitting from outstanding indoor comfort conditions, thanks to CIAT UK

    STANSTED, England, 23 June 2020 – CIAT UK has completed a turnkey project at the Radisson Blu Hotel at London Stansted Airport involving replacement of condenser coils at the heart of the hotel’s air conditioning system with the latest high performance, high efficiency units. CIAT is part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), a leading global provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.

    The popular 500-bed hotel, located just a two-minute walk from the airport’s departure reception, has two international restaurants, a fitness centre with swimming pool and a multi-storey central atrium home to its renowned Wine Tower Bar.

    The hotel’s original air handling units had performed impeccably over many years, however condenser coils were showing signs of age. The company engaged CIAT UK to replace the coils with new CIAT units, designed and built to the manufacturer’s latest specifications.

    CIAT’s contract team managed removal of existing coils and installation of the new units as part of the turnkey refurbishment project at Radisson Blu Hotel London Stansted Airport

    CIAT supplied 12 high performance, high efficiency aluminum and copper heat exchange coils, with its contract team managing removal of existing units and installation of the new systems as part of a turnkey refurbishment project.

    “Coil replacement is a cost-effective alternative to total replacement of air handling units, and can deliver a significant increase in performance in terms of energy efficiency and occupant comfort,” said Neil Hitching, Toshiba Carrier’s business development director. “Efficiency improvements not only boost performance and ensure guests and staff are kept comfortable at all times, they can also result in substantial savings in running costs that continue to accrue over the lifetime of equipment.”

    Refurbishment is carried out in situ, saving from 50 to 65% of the cost of full plant replacement. It can also reduce additional onsite expenses associated with lifting equipment, possible road closures and access restrictions. Work can be phased to reduce disruption to buildings and occupants, and help clients budget by completing projects in stages.

    “Maintaining a high quality indoor environment at all times is vital to ensure the comfort of guests and deliver the best experience, whatever the season and whatever the weather outside”, said Simon Pearson, Radisson Hotel Group’s area chief engineer, UK and Ireland. “The air conditioning refurbishment project at Stansted is part of our ongoing programme of constant maintenance and upgrading, designed to deliver the highest standards possible across our estate of leading hotels.”


    The hotel engaged CIAT UK to replace the coils with brand new CIAT units, designed and built to the manufacturer’s latest specifications – ensuring comfortable conditions for guests and saving energy costs

    For more details on CIAT’s refurbishment service, visit https://www.ciat.uk.com/services/service-maintenance/.

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    CIAT is one of Europe’s leading names in cooling, heating, and indoor air quality.  Renowned for its capacity to create innovative, durable and high-performing products, CIAT offers a complete range of equipment that is designed to work together. CIAT latest innovations have been specially designed to meet the most demanding requirements. CIAT is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, a leading global provider of innovative HVAC, refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies. For more information, visit www.ciat.uk.com.

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