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  • CIAT offer a range of high quality, flexible controls for use with CIAT products. They are designed to be easy to use with powerful features that help you set up equipment and systems quickly and accurately, and deliver excellent performance and energy efficiency over the life time of plant.

    Because they are designed by us, they work seamlessly across the product range, enabling you to link up all types of CIAT plant and equipment into an integrated system.

    The benefits of using CIAT controls include:

    • Ease of implementation;
    • Quick and effective commissioning;
    • Performance optimisation;
    • Improved energy efficiency;
    • Rapid diagnosis of issues for service and maintenance purposes;
    • Effective performance analysis.

    Controls extend from separate local systems installed on individual items of equipment, up to high level BMS style platforms and remote solutions that give powerful control, monitoring and analysis capabilities, all designed to dovetail and work seamlessly with equipment from across the CIAT range.


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