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  • CIAT’s philosophy

    CIAT has placed Sustainable Development at the heart of its industrial and commercial strategy. Since 2008, every branch of the company has joined forces to implement initiatives in this area. The aim of all these initiatives is to better protect the Environment, respect Mankind and sustain the Economy. By focusing on these 3 interconnected guidelines to progress, CIAT commits to carrying out its design and manufacturing activities in an increasingly environmentally-friendly manner in order to reduce its own ecological footprint. CIAT helps professionals and customers implement low-impact projects, which are made possible thanks to an ambitious ecodesign programme integrated into the system and services offer.

    Health, safety and the environment form an integral part of our procedures and the daily activities of everyone at CIAT. The ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification of its industrial sites is proof of this.

    In light of the strategic challenges it faces today, CIAT acts so as to balance the needs of Mankind and the Environment, and aims to attain the same objective for all: to live well, live purely, live sustainably.

    A company policy based on 3 pillars

    Protecting the environment

    Our natural resources are not limitless, the impact of human activity on the environment is visible over a lifetime and we need to think about how to preserve our resources… It’s time to act. Every day, CIAT preserves the environment for future generations.

    Helping manking grow

    CIAT has adopted a social approach towards the consumers of its products and services: opposing child labour, encouraging personal development through training, improving the quality of life. CIAT works to ensure that its activities are more socially responsible.

    Sustaining the economy

    A responsible economic enterprise ensures that growth benefits the greatest number of people possible by tailoring its offer to meet current and future needs. CIAT contributes to the development of a secure economy which promotes more responsible consumption.


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